Kite Flying Robot, Magic and Mystery


Fresh off a vagabond year squatting buildings and hitchhiking along California’s Golden Coast, Nikolas Thompson began Kite Flying Robot in 2005 in San Francisco as a one-man live electronic/rock mashup. Having played guitar in rock bands for years, Thompson experimented with a sound combining the aggression of Rock music with the endless soundscapes of Electronic music and the fun and danceability of Pop. Kite Flying Robot has largely been a mobile music project of songwriter/singer Thompson, with residencies in Oklahoma City and Seoul South Korea, collaborating with other unique and talented musicians befriended along the way. The music often feels genre-bending, with beats between dance and hip-hop, trumpets and violins dancing around synthesizer landscapes, electric guitar like The Edge sitting in on the 1970 Ziggy Stardust sessions, and a unique feel found somewhere between moody ballads and hopeful pop anthems.

Released April 2015, MAGIC AND MYSTERY is the official sophomore LP by globetrotting synthrock band/project Kite Flying Robot. It is an anthemic album that feels vintage yet familiar. The arrangements are lush, the beats are dancefloor heavy, and the hooks are unmistakable. “Magic and Mystery” matures on what 2010’s album “Solid Gold” started, bringing together the vintage synth sounds of early-1980s New Wave with modern pop sensibilities and warm brooding orchestrations. For fans of Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire, The Cure, Kate Bush, this album is a crowd-pleaser.

Kite Flying Robot has toured the US, the UK, has performed in Japan and South Korea, has scored short films/commercials and is slated to score music for an as-of-yet unannounced feature film in 2015. Kite Flying Robot was also an official SXSW selection in 2011, won the Oklahoma Gazette’s Best Electronic Band Act 2011, won Tulsa Weekly’s Best Dance Rock Band 2012, made the final 6 performers (out of hundreds) on Korea-based American Idol-style series “Top Talent” in 2013, and has performed with bands like Future Islands, Octopus Project, Nice Vega, Dia Frampton, Prince Rama, Ringo Deathstarr, Love X Stereo, among many others. KFR has also worked with such industry professionals as Michael Trepagnier (Coldplay, Brazilian Girls), Don Grossinger (Brian Wilson, the Flaming Lips, Madonna), Chris Fudurich (Finch, Jimmy Eat World, Britney Spears), and Korean Music Award-winning producer BA Wheeler.

“The synth rock anthems of Kite Flying Robot may best be described as ‘Darkpop’, but the buoyant energy of the arrangements, the clever wordplay, and the romantic imagery, coupled with Thompson’s clear tenor, leave one exhilarated — hopeful — joyous — and wanting more.”
— Mercury Photo

“Slotting in neatly aside the boyish, theatrical and lovingly dweebish brand of pop that found Fun. and Neon Trees topping charts of late, spazzy-chic songs like “Belong to the Beautiful” and potential breakout single “Fire with Me” are executed with a bold self- assurance. This is a pop scientist in his element, madly working to find the perfectly addictive formula of throbbing neon-guitar pulses, ’80s-keyboard set pieces and bubbly romance narratives — and coming pretty damn close.”
— Oklahoma Gazette

“When Kite Flying Robot took the stage I swear if felt like Harry Potter just walked into the bar. Magic was in the air. Before I knew it I was off the bar stool dancing shoulder to shoulder in the smoky crowd.”
— Nakeddancetothis

“If you think a band with a name like “Kite Flying Robot” would play loud, fast-paced synth beats with rock-driven guitar riffs, you’d be right. If you also think that they would put on one hell of a live show in which the crowd quickly finds themselves moving along to the catchy chorus, you’d be right again.”
— The Noisy Kids webblog

“Kite Flying Robot sounds like a textured, casio driven fun-fest with a horn section! Bass, drum machine, velvety David Byrne-esque vocals…who could ask for more? Sounds like: Falling down a retro, neon-streaked rabbit hole.”
— Independent Cause

“This music is some pretty well-played escapism.”
— Tulsa Musician’s Network

“Weilding ukeleles, casio keyboards, this Oklahoma USA band are Bongwater in full on disco trash mode! Cool!”
— Bull and Gate, London

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